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Testimonials By Users of Proconf

Dr. Abdur Razzak Professor, EEE, IUB & General Chair, ICAEE 2017

The experience of using PROCONF at the 4th ICAEE 2017 is excellent. The support staffs are very dynamic and friendly. Starting from the author to review portals, everything are user friendly which are the positive parts of PROCONF. I wish to see PROCONF in many future conferences.
Commented On: Friday, 06 Oct 2017

Tasnim Binte Shawkat Lecturer, ECE, RUET

PROCONF helps me a lot to submit my papers to IEEE WIECON ECE 2015. The author portal is very intuitive, very user friendly. I wish a great success of PROCONF.
Commented On: Friday, 14 Oct 2016

Dr. M Shamim Kaiser Associate Professor, IIT, JU & Technical Co-Chair, ICEEICT 2016

I have been using PROCONF system with great pleasure, for ICEEICT 2015 and ICEEICT 2016.... And I love it.
Commented On: Friday, 30 Sep 2016

Dr. Shaikh Anowarul Fattah Professor, BUET, Chair IEEE BD SECTION (2015-16) & Technical Chair of IEEE WIECON ECE 2015

As you know, I consider PROCONF critical to the success of IEEE WIECON ECE 2015. It would be impossible to manage so many papers, programs, and proceedings without the support of PROCONF.
Commented On: Tuesday, 02 Feb 2016