PROCONF - Privacy Policy

This web page describes how PROCONF use your personal and conference data. Privacy Policy

1. Use of Personal Information by Conference Organizers

PROCONF system collect data that is normally required by conference organizers. This includes your name, email address, Web page, country, affiliation, and phone number.
2. Cross-Conference Data

PROCONF system do not pass on any personal cross-conference data. For example, when a user submit a paper, PROCONF system will not pass on information about whether this or a similar paper has been submitted previously or in parallel. We will never pass on any information about reviewing in one conference to organizers of another conference, even if both are different instances of the same conference series.
Note, however, that we cannot prevent conference organizers from passing on this information by their own.
To know more about or take support on PROCONF Conference Management System, Please contact with
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